Our policy :

Faced with a changing economic environment characterised by :
a more competitive marketplace
the increasing pace of change
the increasing complexity both from within and outside the company
Our company needs to continue its hard work to guarantee its long-term future, by increasing its competitiveness, maintaining its flexibility and its results, while at the same time continuing to base its work on the following core values:


The main tool for our policy is our " Quality, Safety, Environment " management system , based on continuous improvement. This policy is focused on four key objectives:

Customer satisfaction

The markets in which we operate on a daily basis are today becoming more demanding than ever, faced with ever stricter standards and regulations. Our management system enables us to constantly increase our capacity to respond to our clients' needs, particularly in the fields of quality, deadlines, costs and overall performance.

Human Resources Management

The objective for everyone within the company is to " get it right first time " at the lowest possible cost. The management system is designed to generate confidence, enthusiasm and optimism among staff. The enthusiastic support of the whole workforce is a key factor in meeting our targets.

Respect for the environment and regulations

Protecting the environment around us and observing regulations are key objectives. The company is committed to meeting all of our clients' requirements and any other related requirements when it comes to reducing waste at source, effectively controlling ground pollution risks and avoiding industrial risks. The management system includes a tight control over the quality of waste and emissions, and the effective management of water and energy consumption.

The long-term future of the company

Our long-term future as a business is based on:
A policy of continuous improvement, which today forms an integral part of the way we work. Its aim is to eliminate all problems and wastage, while at the same time removing any sources of nuisance for man and the environment.
The thorough analysis of data and operating information, by means of a systematic review of our targets and the related performance indicators.
Increasing co-operation with our suppliers in order to guarantee the consistency and quality of the services we receive, coupled with the best possible costs and lead times.

The management is committed to deploying the technical, human and financial resources needed to make this policy a success, making full use of the TS16949:2002 and ISO 14001:1996 standards, which it considers to be valuable, high-performance tools.